An Experience with an Inquisitive Aspiring Top Chef

I work as a chef in a five star restaurant and, often, people ask me the differences between Japanese and German kitchen knives. Recently, a college student on internship at our restaurant asked me about the distinction between Japanese and German kitchen knives. As an expert in kitchen appliances, I was more than willing to help the young man.
kitchen knife
First and foremost, I talked about sharpness. Typically, Japanese kitchen knives are sharper and thinner blades than German ones. When cooking vegetables and fish, professionals chefs opt to use Japanese knives because of their fine cuts. However, when cutting heavier foods, it is difficult for Japanese knives to penetrate with ease. German kitchen knives, on the other hand, though not as sharp, have thicker blades that can cut through heavier foods like squash. I advised the aspiring top chef that for high quality restaurants, fine cuts on delicate foods like fish and vegetables require Japanese kitchen knives. I further told him that there are a range of top Japanese kitchen knives to choose from, of course, depending on one’s preferences.

Secondly, I explained to the student the aspect of steel content on the blades of both Japanese and German kitchen knives. The steel on Japanese knives has a high content of carbon, which basically means that they are able to maintain their sharp edge for a longer time compared to the German knives. However, the high carbon steel makes a Japanese knife vulnerable to rust. On the contrary, a German kitchen knife is made of softer steel. Thus, it requires frequent sharpening, which might cause quick wearing out compared to a Japanese kitchen knife.

Lastly, it was of great interest for the student to know that Japanese kitchen knives are harder than German ones. This makes them have a better capacity to cut foods with ease. German knives, on the other hand, are softer to enable easier sharpening.

After differentiating between Japanese and German kitchen knives, the intern asserted that he preferred a Japanese kitchen knife to a German one. Well, I advised him to check online reviews for the top Japanese kitchen knives before purchasing any. I must say that it was truly a worthwhile experience with a curious college student.

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The Best Rated Camping Air Mattresses To Invest In

mattressThe kind of mattress that you sleep on determines the quality of sleep you get during the night. This emphasizes the main reason as to why you should invest in a high quality mattress no matter how expensive it could be costing. Air mattresses are some of the renowned mattresses on the market. They are revered for their ability to provide adjustable and personalized support which results to quality comfort. They are different brands of air mattresses on the market. But not all of these mattresses provide the same comfort. Here are some of the best camping air mattress review:

Wenzel Insta –Bed
This great inflatable mattress is perfect for indoor use. It comes with a built-in electric pump that is quiet easy to use. It also comfortable to sleep on and superb for relieving back pains. It can be adjusted to fit in virtually any bed irrespective of its length and height. Due to its sturdy construction, it is one of the most durable air mattresses on the market.

Coleman Single High
Though quiet expensive than the average air mattresses, this mattress is nevertheless a great value. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is also easier to transport and store. The inflatable air mattress comes with caveats hence making it more comfortable to sleep on. It is capable of holding air well throughout the night.

Intex Camp Air
This great inflatable mattress comes with an easy to use battery-powered pump. Its sturdy construction doesn’t only make it durable, but it also make it a great mattress for outdoor use. Its soft-flocked surface is quiet easy to clean. It also features caveats which do not only make it comfortable, but they are also suitable for holding bed sheets in place therefore preventing them from slipping off during the night.

Intex Raised Downy

This mattress is designed for reliability and comfort. It offers the convenience of a typical portable bed and the comfort of having a sleep on a raised platform. Its plush waterproof covers protect it against water and mist. It can be inflated and deflated easily using a built-in electric pump.

If you are clueless about how to find the best air bed mattress, Web Md will offer great tips for selecting the best air mattress.

New Cookware As My Birthday Gift

nonstickThe choice of the best cookware set depends on the buyer’s needs and requirements, his budget and what his preferences in the cookware construction and design are. Taking these factors into consideration, I have decided to give you an informative guide to the best cookware brands which and the good cookware set reviews and customer satisfaction levels based on their feedback.

1. Cuisinart MCP-12 N Multiclad Pro
This is a 12-piece cookware set made of stainless steel. Its outstanding design and elegance make it an easy choice for both home and professional kitchen use. The exterior of the pots and pans have a beautifully made brushed finish and its interior are mirror-polished to ensure a non-reactive and easy release of foods. The Cuisinart cookware is designed to ensure even heat distribution through its Tri-Ply Heat surround Technology. It is also dishwasher safe and its interior have no coating. The cookware provides a comfortable grip with its cool-grip design and the stainless steel covers are able to provide the perfect tight fit to this product.

2. Le Creuset Signature French Oven
This is a beautifully designed cookware recommended for any kitchen. It is made of enamel-cast iron which offers the best heating experience and gives you the lightest weight compared to any cast iron cookware available in the market. It is dishwasher safe and its oversize handles provide a secure grip to its user. It also has a sand-colored interior made of enamel which prevents sticking and burning. It offers a large 5.5 capacity.

3. Cooks Standard NC-00232 Cookware
This 12-piece Multi-ply clad cookware set made is made of stainless steel and has unique and exceptional features which make it one of the best cookware sets available in the market. It has a beautiful design and its Multi-ply clad construction offers the best quality for its price. It has a non-stick function achievable with its smooth and hard layer of stainless steel in the interior. It is also built with the Air-Flow technology and cool-handles make it comfortable to use. The Cooks Standard is induction compatible and can be used with most stovetops; electric, gas and ceramic glass.

4. The T-Fal E918SC64/E918SC74 Cookware set
This 12-piece cookware is made of Hard anodized durable non stick Expert surfaces which easily make it the best non stick option in the market. It is also equipped with the Thermo-spot heat indicator which shows when the pan is ready to use, a wonderful feature for Pre-heating. It is very durable and scratch resistant and is also dishwasher safe. The Thermo Resist anti Warp base offers superb heat distribution and warp resistance offering optimum cooking results.

Selecting The Best Espresso Machine

espressoLovers of the rich taste of espresso can buy a personal espresso machine for home use. Among the best espresso machines 2014 is GAU-18200. Other superb brands include Mr. Coffee ECM20 and Mr. Coffee ECM21. However, before deciding on which one to buy, it is advisable to identify the features and functionality of the machines.

After making the decision to buy a cappucino maker, it is important to select one that is affordable and fits your lifestyle. Some of the devices have a regular coffee maker and espresso machine attached. This is perfect for a family that makes use of both. However, those who are single and prefer espresso can identify a stand alone machine. There are those units that can accommodate more than one cup, which is the perfect choice of a family.

The biggest difference of the best espresso machines is that some utilize the bar pump system while making the espresso. This method involves the compression of air forces, which causes hot water to pass through the ground coffee. The steam machine is also another type of espresso machine. While using a steam driven espresso machine, the steam causes the water to pass through the coffee grounds.

The best espresso machines of 2016 offer two vital features, which are namely the steam wand and the milk frother. the two features assist in the creation of the best home made macchiatos, lattes and cappuccinos. The machines have between 750 and 1500 watts with a variation in the number of cups they can make. They can accommodate up to four cups.

Another essential feature of the best espresso machines is the brew strength ability that caters for different tastes. For easy clean up, identify an espresso machine that is fitted with a dishwasher-safe. There are those machines that are fitted with a removable tank, which is perfect fro those who need coffee all day long.

Read Through The Fuzzy Rice Cooker Reviews

Having come to the realization that a rice cooker is an integral kitchen equipment, one would have to go shopping to find the one that they like and one that fits their needs. With so many brands and makes available, this could prove to be a tedious and somewhat confusing experience. One will find that a specific manufacturer could have several makes under the same brand with different options, capabilities and levels of performance.

The fuzzy rice cooker is currently one of the best rice cookers in the market. These line of rice cookers is available in various designs, capacities and styles. Finding one that will be of benefit to your needs and those of your family would entail having to go through the fuzzy rice cooker reviews provided. This line of rice cookers has incorporated the use of special circuit sensors. With these, one is able to adjust the cooking time and temperature thus providing well-cooked rice within the time required.

The cooker can hold in a major area of discussion in these reviews. The advantage of these rice cookers is that they are available for both families and individuals. Everyone can find one that will fit right within their need. For people who are looking for a rice cooker to cater for their visitors and family that is large can definitely find one. That is why it is important to read the reviews and ascertain the exact capacity the rice cooker will hold.

There are some components and installations that one would not know of unless you go through the best rice cooker reviews. The manufacturer has provided a detailed guide on usage of all available applications and even ways of maintaining and preserving the rice cooker for long time. The essence of the rice cooker review cannot be ignored. It is very important in ensuring that you get only what you are looking for.